secondimage Hot Sauce Festival: Eat the Heat (podcast)

Home and professional cooks turn garden fresh ingredients into fabulous salsas for the Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival.

secondimage Salsa? Hot Sauce? Yes, please. (podcast)

If you have dreams of creating the next great commercially bottled salsa, but feel you need a few pointers from a pro, Virginia B. Wood's your gal.

secondimage How to Use Your Blades of Glory (podcast)

Cindy Haenel is a kind of knife ninja; she understands these blades of glory and how to use them. And she teaches other how to sharpen their skills

secondimage Working Toward World PEAS (podcast)

Since breaking ground, PEAS Farm, a hybrid school/ community garden, has become an important part of school life at Cunningham Elementary in South Austin.

leadimage Avocado Verde Sauce

During these dog days of summer we share a recipe that commingles some of the quintessential flavors of the season in one bowl: Avocado Verde Sauce.

leadimage Fun with Knife Skills: Pico de Gallo

What's the best way to develop your knife skills after you've learned safety and proper handling? Use them! This Pico recipe will help hone your skills.

leadimage “The Beet Goes On” Slider from PEAS Farm

Beets are the main ingredient in this wonderful vegetarian slider; it's full of flavor, and is a great snack or a satisfying meal with a bowl of soup.

leadimage Raw Lasagna Recipe from The Raw Chef

This recipe by Chef Russell James, The Raw Chef, is perfect for summer; the herbs and vegetables in it are in season now. And you won't heat up the kitchen!