leadimage Tips for Getting the Most from the Conference

    Spending money at farmers markets and farm stands directly benefits farmers, ranchers and food artisans who produced those groceries. However, Judith McGeary, Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, says where you spend your money is only half of the "food system equation."

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secondimage Know Farmers, Know Food (podcast)

It seems with every food and farm bill that makes its way through Congress, small family farms, ranches, dairies and small, local artisanal food producers take a hit. A bigger hit it seems than their corporate counterparts.

secondimage Slow Food + Grub Trivia (podcast)

The global industrialization of food, and the social and culinary costs of homogenized eating was the impetus for the Slow Food Movement, started in Rome in 1986 by Italian Journalist Carlo Petrini.

secondimage Eat the Heat (podcast)

If you're in a salsa making mood, enter your capsaicin concoction into the 22nd annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, August 26, at its new venue -- Fiesta Gardens.

secondimage America’s Test Kitchen LIVE (podcast + giveaway)

Anybody can learn to cook. That's the belief of Christopher Kimball, host of America's Test Kitchen on PBS. And he's bringing America's Test Kitchen Live to the Long Center in Austin on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. And I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the show.

leadimage HausBar Beef Caldo

Dorsey Barger, of HausBar Farms, looks at what crops are ready for harvest at the farm or what's available at the Farmers' Market, and then lets inspiration rule in the kitchen. Such is her recipe for Beef Caldo.

leadimage Recipe: Wink Restaurant’s Pure Luck Chevre Cheesecake

Here's a slow and delicious recipe from Wink Restaurant in Austin, Texas. They use Chevre (goat cheese) from Pure Luck Farms in Dripping Springs, Texas. However, any quality Chevre will work!

leadimage Avocado Verde Sauce

Austin Chronicle food editor, Virginia Wood, may be a trained pastry chef, but she knows her way around savory ingredients, too.

leadimage Recipe: Lasagna for Two

Your household may consist of only one or two people, but most recipes feed four to six. This means you have to decide whether you can stand to eat the same thing over the next few days, or whether you're comfortable doing the math to cut the recipe down to size. The editors at America's Test Kitchen have done the work for you.