secondimage Americana Cooking with Ruby Dee (podcast)

If singer-songwriter, Ruby Dee Phillipa ever invites you over for some home cooking, do yourself a favor and go. You won't be sorry.

secondimage Irish Soul Food with a Mexican Twist (podcast)

A boxty is a lot like a French crepe, that doesn't take itself as seriously. It's made with flour, eggs, milk, herbs, spices and raw grated potatoes.

secondimage Tim Miller is Growing With Nature (podcast)

Tim Miller is a conservationist turned gardener turned farmer--who remains a passionate conservationist at his core. He partners with nature for the win.

secondimage Eating Pancakes for a Cause (podcast)

On International Pancake Day, Tuesday, February 28, Snooze an A.M. Eatery will donate proceeds from a special pancake menu to help school garden programs.

leadimage Ruby Dee’s Apple Fritters

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what if those apples were inside a luscious batter and fried to a golden delicious goodness?

leadimage The Irish Boxty and Breakfast Quesadilla

You might want to make this recipe when you are feeding a hungry crowd, as it yields about 30 boxties. You can freeze what you don't use, and they should be good for about a month. What you want to avoid is keeping leftover batter, as the potatoes in it will oxidize and turn the mixture dark and icky, which is unappetizing.

leadimage The Best Spinach Salad

Katie Kraemer Pitre of Tecolote Farm in Manor, Texas says she loves this recipe from one of the farm's CSA basketeers -- and cooking master -- Kristin Schell.

leadimage Something’s Fishy for Those who Observe Lent

Ash Wednesday signaled when my family tried to adhere to the Italian tradition no meat during the season of lent. Fried smelt became our go-to dinner.