leadimage Angela Shelf Medearis is The Kitchen Diva

    Angela Shelf Medearis is the author of more than 90 award-winning children’s books and several cookbooks for adults including The African-American Kitchen, The Kwanzaa Celebration, and Ideas for Entertaining from the African-American Kitchen, and The Ethnic Vegetarian.

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    leadimage Healthy Cooking Tips for All

    Angela Shelf Medearis is affectionately called The Kitchen Diva. And while she's known for being sassy and fun in the kitchen, she's serious about cooking healthy comfort food for those she loves, and shares her recipes with the world in her books.

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secondimage Doing Good, Eating Well (podcast)

Angela Shelf Medearis is a chef, food writer and culinary historian who goes by the playful moniker, the Kitchen Diva. To her long list of occupations, she's added: health outreach.

secondimage City Chickens (podcast)

Knowing the origin of the food we eat has become increasingly important to eaters everywhere. In addition to shopping at farmers markets and farm stands, every day these locavores are taking up backyard food production, including chicken keeping for eggs and in some cases, meat.

secondimage East Austin Farm Tour (podcast)

East Austin is returning to its agricultural roots one urban farm at a time, and celebrates its past and future with the Fifth Annual East Austin Farm Tour on Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 1 to 5 p.m.

secondimage Slow Food’s Ark of Taste (podcast)

Did you know there is a kind of endangered species list for food and foodways? It's called the Ark of Taste, and it's an international catalog of endangered heritage foods maintained by the global Slow Food movement.

leadimage Mixed Greens with Garlic and Lemon

Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva, promotes healthy seasonal cooking whenever possible. Buying produce from local farmers, or growing your own, she says, provides fresh, full flavors no matter what dish you prepare.

leadimage Egg Salad Daze

Growing up, my family was on a very tight budget. There were seven kids in our family, my parents and a dog or cat or both. Thanks to our Aunt Maggie who had a chicken farm, we always had plenty of eggs. And so egg salad was a staple at our house, and all the kids became skilled at making it.

leadimage Chef Teresa Wilson’s Beet Ravioli

Italian food is comfort food, and in the hands of Chef Teresa Wilson, ravioli receives an unusual, fresh and delicious makeover using a raw beet "pasta" and goat cheese filling.

leadimage Ray Benson’s Famous Corn Soup

Ray Benson, front man for Grammy Award winning Asleep at the Wheel, loves cooking, and he loves corn. If a dish has corn in it, chances are Ray likes it, and has probably cooked it, himself.