secondimage Fighting Fire Ants (podcast)

Everyone loves to be in the vegetable garden this time of year, including red imported fire ants. And entomologist, Wizzie Brown, offers management tips.

leadimage The Winter Soup Garden (podcast)

There’s always a huge push in spring to get food crops seeded or transplanted into the garden, but the truth is, at least for gardeners living in hot climates, as many of us do, spring season lasts only slightly longer than the time it takes to slap a fire ant off your ankle.

secondimage The Hip Girl’s Guide (podcast)

Once considered drudgery, there's been push-back in recent years, as women and men have started taking back their homes, and learning the art of homemaking.

secondimage Give Me Some Tea for Texas and Beyond (podcast)

If you are a tea lover, and ever find yourself in Austin, Texas--on the east side of town--satisfying your craving for something black or green or white or herbal is closer than you think.

leadimage Roasted Fennel and Potato Soup

Writer, gardener, educator, and cook, Renee Studebaker, learned to love the flavors of all fresh produce thanks to summers she spent on her grandmother's Arkansas farm -- although at first she wasn't particularly enamored of the work involved in getting that food to the table. That's changed.

leadimage Recipe: Hip Girl’s Pickled Peppers

If like Peter Piper the peppers you pick are already pickled on the plant, perhaps your picking is preposterously protracted, or your crazy experiment worked—you lucky progeny of unwed parents—and you better find a pucking good patent attorney pronto!

leadimage Sweet Tea Pie from Lucy’s Fried Chicken

This recipe for Sweet tea Pie comes from Olivia/Lucy’s pastry chef Taff Mayberry, based on a recipe from Olivia chef/owners James Holmes’ mom.

leadimage Setting a Formal Table

Etiquette is about more than how to set a table. That being said, as we are on the threshold of the holiday season, and many of us will find ourselves hosting formal dinners for family and friends over the next couple of months, we thought you might like to see how it's done.