leadimage Chef Benjamin Baker

    Benjamin Baker is a big hearted, humble man and mindful chef. You can taste it in the food he prepares at Travaasa Hotel and Spa in the Texas Hill Country. His passion for food manifested early, and it's been a lifelong pursuit. Lucky us.

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    leadimage Keeping the D’oh! Out of Sourdough

    Although making sourdough starter is basically very simple, a lot can go wrong--dumb stuff, really. And so the following tips are intended to help you navigate around some of the hazards associated with the care and feeding of sourdough starter.

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secondimage Tastes Like History (podcast)

When Chef Benjamin Baker accepted the position as executive chef at Travaasa Experiential Resorts in Austin, he brought the tools he valued most to his new job – a good attitude, a set of knives and a 167-year-old sourdough starter.

secondimage Slow Food + Grub Trivia (podcast)

The global industrialization of food, and the social and culinary costs of homogenized eating was the impetus for the Slow Food Movement, started in Rome in 1986 by Italian Journalist Carlo Petrini.

secondimage Urban Roots (podcast)

As the 20th Century began to unfold, the telephone, rural free delivery, and roads started to relieve rural isolation. It was a mixed blessing. Because as these innovations and improvements brought the world to once insular communities, they also paved the way for children of farming families to leave the land to seek new opportunities in urban centers.

secondimage Blades of Glory (podcast)

At the root of many a woman's failure to become a great cook lies her failure to develop a workmanlike regard for knives. Um...what?

leadimage Tomato Gazpacho from Epicerie Cafe & Grocery

Slow food can also be quick to prepare, such as this Tomato Gazpacho recipe from Chef Sarah McIntosh of Epicerie Cafe & Grocery in Austin, Texas. Food from Epicerie Cafe & Grocery will be featured during the Grub Crawl at the Slow Food Austin Grub Trivia event, July 21, 2013.

leadimage Chilled Beet Salad with Urban Roots Ranch Dressing

Very few people are on the fence when it comes to beets: they either love them or hate them. People who hate them often claim the root tastes like dirt, whereas those who love them say they have a sweet, earthy quality.

leadimage Recipe: Pico de Gallo

Cindy Haenel, a chef instructor at Central Market Cooking School in Austin, Texas teaches the school's Knife Skills 101 course. She says her recipe for Pico De Gallo will give you plenty of practice using this most important kitchen tool.

leadimage 10 Minute Chickpea Salad Recipe

Shawna Coronado says she enjoys good, healthy food, but with her busy schedule, doesn't always have time for involved recipes. Necessity is the mother of delicious invention, as evidenced by her speedy, tasty and healthy chickpea salad recipe