leadimage Tips for Making Cheese Soup

    My brother-in-law, Steve Piekarski, says he'll eat soup any time of year; a steaming bowl of goodness on a 100 degree day sounds great to him. So it comes as no surprise he makes soup at home, and offers these tips for making great cheese soup.

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secondimage The Big Cheese: Soup for a Crowd (podcast)

Cook big or go home. That's my brother-in-law, Steve Piekarski's, philosophy of food. And he proved it to me on a visit last fall by making 12-quarts of cheese soup for three people.

secondimage All Recipes Great and Small (podcast)

Even when we home cooks have shelves bulging with cookbooks, the first place a lot of us turn when looking for meal ideas is the internet. Who can resist the convenience and the variety?

secondimage The Green Corn Project Fall Festival 2016

The Green Corn Project raises 80 percent of its funding during its yearly fall festival at Boggy Creek Farm; This year's event is October 30, 2016.

secondimage The Green Corn Project (podcast)

Vegetable gardening is becoming commonplace. Yet, not everyone has the resources to grow their own food. And that's where Green Corn Project comes in.

leadimage Wisconsin Divinity: Cheese Soup

My brother-in-law Steve Piekarski is a good home cook. He and my sister Toni both enjoy food that is hearty and unfussy, such as hearty cheese soup. Neither is opposed to using convenience foods in their cooking, either, such as pasteurized prepared cheese products. You know: Velveeta.

leadimage Baked Dijon Salmon

This is one of Esmée Williams' personal recipes, and it appears on Allrecipes.com. About the recipe she writes: "This is a wonderful way to prepare fresh salmon fillets in the oven. Be sure to make extra, your family will be begging for more!"

leadimage Roasted Fennel and Potato Soup

Writer, gardener, educator, and cook, Renee Studebaker, learned to love the flavors of all fresh produce thanks to summers she spent on her grandmother's Arkansas farm -- although at first she wasn't particularly enamored of the work involved in getting that food to the table. That's changed.

leadimage Recipe: Homemade Sauerkraut

Self-proclaimed fermentation revivalist, Sandor Katz encourages everyone to try their hand at making homemade sauerkraut.