leadimage Meet Cathy Slaughter

    Cathy Slaughter always had a love of plants, going back to her childhood days of helping her parents with gardening and other relatives with farming duties. And now she does it full-time and loves it. In fact, if you live in Central Texas, and you use organic herb and vegetable transplants from retail nurseries in your food garden, Cathy probably grew them.

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secondimage The Spring Food Garden (podcast)

In Central Texas, fall and winter are better times to grow food crops because of better weather and lower incidence of pests. However, spring is when gardeners feel the most intense excitement and anticipation.

secondimage Feral in Austin: Wild Game Processing (podcast)

If you consider hunting from an ecosystem perspective, then vegetable gardening has a greater impact on the environment than does removing an animal from the landscape.

secondimage Homegrown Goodness (podcast)

Cultivating a home vegetable garden isn't exactly a new idea. Back when most people grew some of their own food, they did so not because it was trendy, but because it was necessary for survival. Well, everything old is new again.

secondimage Oysters: Enigmatic Bivalve Mollusks (podcast)

When you get past your revulsion over an oyster's appearance, and its creepy texture, you are rewarded with a succulent, briny, and versatile delicacy that elevates those who consume the delicate flesh to a transcendent state.

leadimage Winter Savory Olives

This recipe from Cathy Slaughter of Gabriel Valley Farms is simple, delicious and uses the herb winter savory -- one that is oft overlooked by home cooks.

leadimage Recipe: Wild Game Pan Sausage

Austinite, Chris Houston, doesn't hunt for trophies -- he hunts for dinner (and lunch, and breakfast). He shares one of his favorite sausage recipes.

leadimage Judy Barrett’s Lemon Sesame Cookies

When I visited author, gardener and cook, Judy Barrett, at her home in Taylor, Texas, she had just made a batch of Lemon sesame Cookies. She used lemons she'd harvested from her lemon tree the day before.

leadimage Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller is a rather old recipe, but one diners and oyster lovers still enjoy today. The dish was created in New Orleans at the restaurant Antoine's in 1899 by Jules Alciatore, son of the restaurant's founder.