secondimage Springdale Farm: Urban Oasis (podcast)

Just shy of five acres, and three miles east of the state Capital, Springdale Farm, owned and operated by Glenn and Paula Foore, is an urban oasis.

secondimage Stirring It Up With Molly Ivins (podcast)

Food brings people together, from talking about it, to cooking it, to sharing it or even dealing with near calamitous culinary misadventures with a friend. Journalist Ellen Sweets has a new book: Stirring it up with Molly Ivins: a Memoir with Recipes that offers a heaping helping of the misadventures.

secondimage The Hip Girl’s Guide (podcast)

While television shows like Leave it to Beaver offered a glimpse of middle-class, white American boyhood, they also provided a template for what some believed a homemaker in the mid-20th century ought to be.

secondimage Know Farmers, Know Food (podcast)

It seems with every food and farm bill that makes its way through Congress, small family farms, ranches, dairies and small, local artisanal food producers take a hit. A bigger hit it seems than their corporate counterparts.

leadimage Compost Happens

You can easily recreate in your backyard what nature does, well, naturally. By collecting a sufficient volume of organic matter, mixing it together in the proper ratios, and maintaining ample aeration and hydration, you will end up with humus. And humus is absolutely essential to the health of plants and people. It provides nutrition to plant life and plants provide us with, well, everything.

leadimage Recipe: Fairy Tale Eggplant Confit from The Hightower

You don't need to believe in magic to love Fairy Tale Eggplant Confit from Chad Dolezal, Chef/Owner of The Hightower restaurant in Austin, Texas.

leadimage Ellen Sweets’ Kick-Ass Tuna Salad

When you walk into Ellen Sweets kitchen, you know it gets used and used often. The counters overflow with small appliances and bottles and bottles of herbs and spices. If you're cooking in Ellen's kitchen and you cannot find what you need--you haven't really looked.

leadimage Recipe: Hip Girl’s Pickled Peppers

If like Peter Piper the peppers you pick are already pickled on the plant, perhaps your picking is preposterously protracted, or your crazy experiment worked—you lucky progeny of unwed parents—and you better find a pucking good patent attorney pronto!