leadimage Cindy Haenel

    Cindy Haenel hand builds pottery, spends much of her spare time fishing in the Texas Gulf, and enjoys a career as a chef/instructor at Central Market Cooking School.

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    leadimage Knife Safety Tips

    Owning a chef's knife won't turn you into a chef, just as wearing a sparkly tiara won't turn you into a princess. But learning how to use that knife just might. You're on your own with the tiara.

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secondimage Blades of Glory (podcast)

At the root of many a woman's failure to become a great cook lies her failure to develop a workmanlike regard for knives. Um...what?

secondimage Growing Living Walls (podcast)

If Shawna Coronado tells someone to grow up, she's not passing judgment on their maturity. She is, however, encouraging gardeners to grow their food and flowers vertically.

secondimage Middle Eastern Comfort Food (podcast)

Looking for new taste combinations that entice the taste buds and rouse your imagination? You cannot go wrong with Middle Eastern Food.

secondimage Working With Nature (podcast)

Most of us do the best we can to live more lightly and sustainably on the planet. Well, Dr. Deb Tolman cranks all that up to 11, and then some on her six acre homestead and sustainability lab.

leadimage Recipe: Pico de Gallo

Cindy Haenel, a chef instructor at Central Market Cooking School in Austin, Texas teaches the school's Knife Skills 101 course. She says her recipe for Pico De Gallo will give you plenty of practice using this most important kitchen tool.

leadimage 10 Minute Chickpea Salad Recipe

Shawna Coronado says she enjoys good, healthy food, but with her busy schedule, doesn't always have time for involved recipes. Necessity is the mother of delicious invention, as evidenced by her speedy, tasty and healthy chickpea salad recipe

leadimage Knafeh: A Sweet Relief

If you want something delicious and decadent and different -- Knafeh fits the bill.

leadimage Recipe: Kale Salad With Pecorino And Walnuts

When I visited Dr. Deb Tolman at her homestead/learning lab earlier this year, she prepared lunch for me, which included this kale salad (kale from her garden). She told me even kale haters love this salad, and aftrer tasting it, I am inclined to agree.