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Photo by Mike Sutter, FedManWalking.com

Photo by Mike Sutter, FedManWalking.com

Austin has a thriving and evolving restaurant scene, which can make deciding where to dine a challenge.

I know someone who can help you navigate this terrain.

As the former restaurant critic for the Austin American Statesman Mike Sutter knows his way around everything from fine dining to dives, and writes about each with objectivity, wit and humanity. Today he crafts restaurant reviews for his website FedManWalking.com.

He says the name came about quite by accident. Being an undercover critic he needed a way to explain to curious waitstaff why he spent time photographing the food they delivered to his table. He told them he wrote a food blog called Fed Man Walking, which seemed to appease them, and pleased him.

Fed Man Walking is a collection of food reviews, news and features.  As a food journalist, Mike says he takes a measured approach to his work. He told me that while he doesn’t want to put anyone out of business, neither is he interested  in crowning the next king or queen of cuisine in Austin.

Readers that visit restaurant review websites do so for the writer’s opinion, which they will get from Mike, but it’ll come without a side order of vented spleen.

Mike Sutter says customer service is a two-way street, and those of us sitting at the tables would do well to remember that, especially at this time of year.

Read restaurant reviews at FedManWalking .com. Beginning in the New Year, Mike will return to Field & Feast on a somewhat regular basis to discuss the many facets of what it means to dine in the Austin metro area.

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