One Man, One Oven, One Great Pizza (podcast)

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Inside the Bola Pizza Oven

Inside the Bola Pizza Oven

Have you ever loved something so much you felt mildly obsessive about it–maybe even more than mildly obsessive?

Have your waking moments and nighttime dreams been consumed with thoughts of this object of your desire?

What did you do about it that wasn’t creepy or illegal?

For Austin local, Christian Bowers, his passion is pizza, and not just any pizza, mind you. Christian is a fan–no, aficionado– of Neapolitan style pizza.

The Mother of all Pizzas. And Christian is definitely this mommy’s boy.

Christian, who blogs about what he eats on his Austin Food Journal website, spent three years perfecting a low yeast, cold fermented pizza dough that’s the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy when cooked–and the ideal base for the gorgeous ingredients he layers over it. Many of which are locally sourced.

That, in itself, doesn’t seem obsessive. Building a mobile wood fired pizza oven to fan the flames of his desire starts to peg the obsess-o-meter just a tad.

We’d be inclined to point and snicker in his general direction over this harmless affliction if not for the fact he shares his passion for pizza with the people–and it is delicious.

In fact, he’s taken his delirium to new heights, recruiting others into his pizza pandemonium; with his wife Jamie (a brave and patient woman), the couple started the business Bola Pizza. They take their pizza -making prowess on the road, feeding hungry and appreciative throngs the wood fired goodness of Neapolitan inspired pizza with a Texas twang.

Is this man crazy? Yeah, crazy like a pepperoni. Join me this week as I visit the man and his oven.

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