Super Bowl Grub (podcast)

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Claudia Alarcón in the Kitchen

Claudia Alarcón in the Kitchen

Only serious sports fans attend Super Bowl parties and actually pay attention to the game. Most of us are there for the camaraderie, commercials and comestibles. For Claudia Alarcón, all of the above is true–especially when it comes to the game and the grub. She is utterly passionate about food and sports.

“During the last three World Cup competitions, I’ve cooked dishes from the countries that were playing,” she told me. “My parties are legendary among my friends, who can’t wait to see what I cook when teams like Kuwait and Serbia compete.  I’ve taken this into American football, also.”

Although she didn’t know at the time of our interview what she’d be preparing as a game day main edible attraction, she did know what her opener would be: Shrimp with Jalapeños and Bacon.

It’s a simple recipe that anyone, no matter their level of skill, can make, and make well. Between prep and cooking time, you’ll spend less than an hour in the kitchen.

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