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Inside Zhi Tea, Austin, Texas

Inside Zhi Tea, Austin, Texas

If you are a tea lover, and ever find yourself in Austin, Texas–on the east side of town–satisfying your craving for something black or green or white or herbal is closer than you  think. That’s because east Austin has become the place to discover good things to eat and drink.

Zhi Tea is proof of that.  It’s a tea-lovers playground, where premium organic teas direct from Asia line the walls and shelves.

The gallery–located on Bolm Road where it meets at an oddly angled intersection with Springdale Road–is a low brick building with a nondescript façade.

It’s easy to overlook.

Once inside, however, the place is relaxed and inviting; painted in peaceful colors with modest, but comfortable seating, and lots and lots of tea; true teas from the camellia sinensis plant, and herbal tisanes.

I visited the Zhi Tea gallery and met with Jeffrey Lorien, the charming and enthusiastic company Founder and CEO. The man is a true devotee of tea. We talked about what tea is and what it isn’t, how to select, store and brew tea. He even brewed a cup of tea for me while we chatted.

People have been drinking tea for centuries. It’s steeped (no pun intended) in history, ritual and mystery.

Tea drinkers in the twenty first century recognize and embrace its ancient traditions and its contemporary creativity. For a long time it was considered an old fashioned beverage for old fashioned people, and relegated to bit player status on the culinary stage. No more.

Today tea is exciting and fresh and ready for its closeup. Out of the way–it’s tea’s time.

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