Grow Something

Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.
~Elizabeth Berry

Seedings in a Greenhouse

Grow Something

If you eat you owe it to yourself to cultivate horticultural skills to enhance your culinary explorations, and to save vegetables and fruits from jet-lag, or worse yet– road rage!

Recipes are only as good as the ingredients used in them, and fresh, ripe, homegrown produce that’s neither tired nor angry is the gold standard.

Not prepared to dig up lawn? A pot of culinary herbs such as basil, oregano, and chives is a good beginning, with a caveat: culinary herbs are gateway edibles and may lead to a full-blown gardening addiction.

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Tips for Growing Homegrown Tomatoes

April 9, 2015

If you are a fan of tomatoes--the most popular food crop in the home garden, then you ought to grow them at least once so you can know firsthand the joy of an honest, fresh, ripe tomato.

Web Exclusive: Free Soil Tests at Fusebox Festival

April 7, 2015

Central Texas food gardeners can get a FREE soil test April 10 - 12, 2015 at the SOIL KITCHEN during the Fusebox Festival.

Spring Garden Success

February 26, 2015

Growing your own takes patience and knowledge. You're on your own for the patience, but we can help you with a few tips to supplement your knowledge base.

Plant Sales

February 26, 2015

On March 7, 2015, folks in the Austin, Texas, metro area are in for a treat. Two long- running plant sales are taking place, which gives you a chance to scoop up some healthy organic vegetable and herb transplants for your spring garden. You'll want to arrive early and take a place in line, because the crowds get long.

Seed Starting Tips

January 9, 2015

Few creations in this world are as miraculous as a single seed. Inside each tiny package, some of which are smaller than the head of a pin, an embryonic plant sleeps, dreaming of the day it’s called to serve its intended purpose.

Compost Happens

September 14, 2014

You can easily recreate in your backyard what nature does, well, naturally. By collecting a sufficient volume of organic matter, mixing it together in the proper ratios, and maintaining ample aeration and hydration, you will end up with humus. And humus is absolutely essential to the health of plants and people. It provides nutrition to plant life and plants provide us with, well, everything.

Ten Tips for Food Garden Success

November 7, 2013

No matter in the world you grow a food garden, the ten tips on this page will move you toward success.

Tim Miller’s Central Texas Planting Guide

April 5, 2013

I met Tim Miller in the late 1980s when I was a gardener at Austin Community Gardens, now Sunshine Community Gardens, and he managed the site. He had some wild ideas (or so I thought at the time) about gardening -- especially when it came to the weather.

Prodigious Peppers

August 8, 2012

Throw a party for your pie hole with peerless peppers passionately propagated with your own precious paws. Power to the peppers!

Tuesday Tip: Grow a Home Vegetable Garden

July 10, 2012

Feel the thrill, the power, and the joy of making meals from the ground up when you grow your own food. It doesn't require a farm sized plot, nor does it need to take a lot of your precious time.