Jammin’ with Stephanie McClenny

Jan 8th, 2017 | By | Category: guest bio, the show
Stephanie McClenny, Photograph by Casey Woods

Stephanie McClenny, Photograph by Casey Woods

If Stephanie McClenny ever invites you over to jam, better leave the bongos at home, and bring an apron, instead.

You will be getting down, but instead of ripping through tunes, you’ll be cutting up fruit.

Stephanie is a professional, award-winning jam maker from Austin, Texas. Her artisanal preserves company is called Confituras, which literally means “to preserve”.

She’s been a cook most of her life, and has been canning for several years. Stephanie recently won awards for her small batch, locally-sourced preserves including: the four national Good Food Awards and three Local Hero Award for best new artisan by Edible Austin voters.

Not bad for a company and product line that is just breaking five years old. Clearly Stephanie has found her niche.

A lot of Central Texas first knew Stephanie from her food blog The Cosmic Cowgirl, which she started in December 2008.

Born and raised in California–which is where the “Cosmic” part of the blog moniker derives– she says the beach she went to as a kid was home to the invention of the smoothie.

She says the “Cowgirl” part comes from the fact she’s lived in Texas since the late 1980s. Like many non-natives, she proclaims, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could, and have been assured by Texas natives that I have now earned the right to be called a Texan due to my lengthy stay.”

I hate to break it to you, Stephanie, but that’s just wrong. I’m pretty sure that inscribed somewhere in the basement of the Alamo, it says you have to marry a Texan and have a child by him, and then and only then can you say you are related to a Texan. That’s as close as you will ever get. Don’t shoot the messenger.

The nearly-Texan, Stephanie McClenny lives in beautiful South Austin with her husband, a collection of furry pets, and a pantry full of preserves. Life is sweet.

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