Fertile Crescent Cookery

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Raw Vegan Mezze

Olives, pomegranates, figs, dates, hummus, pita, and feta. We know these foods. We eat these foods. We love these foods.

And so do people living in the Mideast where most of it originates.

There might be the odd spice, such as sumac, or the way food and spice is combined that gives us pause–but most of the elements of Middle Eastern cookery are not as foreign to Westerners as you might think. And yet, the flavors are beguiling and exotic.

How do they do that?

One of the simplest ways to learn about another culture is through its food, and preparing Middle Eastern dishes needn’t be difficult. Even so, cooking instructor Sahar Arafat-Ray of Austin, Texas says, “You’ll end using nearly every pot you own when you decide to cook a Middle Eastern meal.”

Having enjoyed a few Middle Eastern meals in my day, I have to say the extra dish duty is well worth it.

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