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Shop | Cook | Eat | Local | Organic

Feb 5th, 2016 | By | Category: show tips, the show

I have just one tip for shopping/cooking/eating local organic: use the grocery store to buy your toothpaste and sundries and do your food shopping at the Farmers’ Markets.

Called to Farming (podcast)

Feb 5th, 2016 | By | Category: Featured Articles, podcast, the show

Some people are born into farming, but for others it’s a kind of spiritual calling. Dorsey Barger, head farmer at Hausbar Farm and Guest Haus in East Austin, heard the first faint whisper of what her future might hold upon her first visit to the Downtown Farmers Market in Austin, Texas more than 12 years ago.

Hausbar Beef Caldo

Feb 5th, 2016 | By | Category: blog, cook something, meat and poultry, soups and salads

Dorsey Barger, of HausBar Farms, looks at what crops are ready for harvest at the farm or what’s available at the Farmers’ Market, and then lets inspiration rule in the kitchen. Such is her recipe for Beef Caldo.

Dorsey Barger: Urban Farmer

Feb 5th, 2016 | By | Category: guest bio, the show

Dorsey Barger is a farmer. It’s not what she expected to be when she “grew up,” but that’s what she was called to do, and do it she does: with passion, flair and generosity of spirit.

The Chicken and the (Unlaid) Eggs

Apr 5th, 2012 | By | Category: guest bio, the show

I feel it’s important for each of us to understand the path to the plate, and in an effort to walk my talk, I accepted an invitation from Susan Hausman and Dorsey Barger of HausBar Farm in East Austin to visit on a day they had scheduled chicken processing.

The Chickenistas

Apr 16th, 2011 | By | Category: guest bio, the show

People who choose to raise chickens are an interesting group. By and large, I have found them all to be generous with their time and knowledge, fun, funny, and just darned nice folks. Here you get to meet three chickenistas I spoke with for the show.

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