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Shawna Coronado’s Go-To Living Wall Systems

June 26, 2015

Gardening is going to new heights in the 21st Century: it's going vertical! Gardener and author Shawna Coronado has mastered the art of "growing up" and shares her skill and knowledge in her book, Grow a Living Wall, Create Vertical Gardens with a Purpose.

Shawna Coronado

June 26, 2015

Shawna Coronado is an author, columnist, blogger, photographer, and spokesperson for organic gardening, green lifestyle living, and culinary preparation who campaigns for social good.

Growing Living Walls (podcast)

June 26, 2015

If Shawna Coronado tells someone to grow up, she's not passing judgment on their maturity. She is, however, encouraging gardeners to grow their food and flowers vertically.

East Meets Tex: Sahar Arafat-Ray

June 19, 2015

Sahar Arafat-Ray has had an interesting and lifelong love affair with food that she shares with others. "I love teaching people how to cook and showing them that anyone, with a little practice and patience, can cook. It’s not a mysterious thing.”

Fertile Crescent Cookery

June 19, 2015

There's the odd spice, such as sumac, or the way food and spice is combined or cooked--but most of the elements of Middle Eastern cookery are not as foreign to Westerners as you might imagine.

Middle Eastern Comfort Food (podcast)

June 19, 2015

Looking for new taste combinations that entice the taste buds and rouse your imagination? You cannot go wrong with Middle Eastern Food.

Dr. Deb Tolman, Renaissance Woman

June 12, 2015

Dr. Deb Tolman is currently owner of Avant Gardens in Clifton, Texas, a multi-purpose business with the mission of developing sustainable approaches to landscaping, education, and sustainable coaching.

Tips for Sustainable Living

June 12, 2015

Dr. Deb Tolman lives lightly, and interactively, on her six acre homestead/learning lab in Clifton, Texas in beautiful Bosque County. From growing food to collecting rainwater to building her own furniture and even home, she does it all. And she teaches others to do it, too. While she says there are virtually millions of tips for living a more sustainable life, she offered her top eight.

Working With Nature (podcast)

June 12, 2015

Most of us do the best we can to live more lightly and sustainably on the planet. Well, Dr. Deb Tolman cranks all that up to 11, and then some on her six acre homestead and sustainability lab.

Yes, You Can! (podcast)

June 5, 2015

We're able to enjoy the season's freshest picks year round thanks to the art of food preservation. And a book to help you with the basics is "Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too," by Daniel Gasteiger of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.