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Field & Feast is a 5-minute radio feature, currently broadcast Saturdays and Sundays on KUT 90.5 FM in Austin, Texas.  It’s a show about good food from the ground up.

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Beth Vlasich Pav: She Cooks by Design

April 1, 2015

Guided by a simple philosophy that emphasizes elegant execution and simple ingredients Beth Vlasich Pav owns and publishes a food and video blog entitled

Aioli: Tips and Techniques

April 1, 2015

Aioli is the sexy cousin of mayonnaise, and the ingredients are simple and few: garlic, extra virgin olive oil, egg yolks, iced water, lemon juice and salt. But the result is luxurious.

Mayo’s Flavorful Cousin (podcast)

April 1, 2015

April is National BLT Month. This week, we feature an ingredient that doesn't get any billing in the sandwich name, but plays a major role in the success of this iconic hand held meal.

East Meets Tex: Sahar Arafat-Ray

March 24, 2015

Sahar Arafat-Ray has had an interesting and lifelong love affair with food that she shares with others. "I love teaching people how to cook and showing them that anyone, with a little practice and patience, can cook. It’s not a mysterious thing.”

Crescent City: Making Croissants at Home (podcast)

March 24, 2015

When I was growing up the croissant recipe we used started out something like this: After removing paper, hit cardboard tube against the edge of a counter until raw dough pops out. Now I make croissants from scratch thanks to the guidance of Sahar Arafat Ray. And you can, too.

Tips for Making Crazy Good Croissants

March 24, 2015

Sahar Arafat Ray is a culinary instructor and recipe developer. She share tips on making croissants to ensure you make the most delectable doughy delight possible.

Smoke Gets in His Pies (podcast)

March 20, 2015

Americans have a love affair with pizza: The dough, sauce, toppings and cheese that comprise the pies are delicious on their own, but when you seal them with a smoky kiss from a wood fired pizza oven -- molto bene.

How to Make Great Pizza

March 20, 2015

With so many take out and dine in options for pizza these days, you might wonder if anyone still takes time any more to make the savory pies. The answer is: yes. And lots of folks would love to make pizza, but just don't feel confident of their abilities. We can help.

Wood Fired Pizza’s King of the Hill

March 20, 2015

Jim Kipping is a foodie, and a big fan of Italian culture and wood fired pizza. Passions that may have ignited when he lived in Naples Italy in the 1980s when his father was stationed there in the Navy.

Growing With Nature (podcast)

March 13, 2015

Millberg Farm is in Kyle, Texas, about 20 mile south of Austin, Texas on Interstate 35. From this compact parcel, Tim Miller runs a Community Supported Agriculture program, hosts classes and holds plant sales.