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Field & Feast is a 5-minute radio feature, currently broadcast Saturdays and Sundays on KUT 90.5 FM in Austin, Texas.  It’s a show about good food from the ground up.

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The Future of Food: Edible Insects

June 25, 2016

The average American unintentionally eats over 400 insects a year, but we SHOULD be doing better than that. Eating more insects might just save the world!

Yes, You Can! (podcast)

June 18, 2016

We're able to enjoy the season's freshest picks year round thanks to the art of food preservation. And a book to help you with the basics is "Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too," by Daniel Gasteiger of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Tips for Preserving Food

June 18, 2016

Daniel Gasteiger literally wrote the book (well, he wrote a book) on preserving food: "Yes, You Can! And Freeze And Dry it, Too." He is a man possessed (possibly even obsessed) with growing and "putting up" fresh produce -- and he wants to help you succeed, too.

Daniel Gasteiger: Yes, He Cans!

June 18, 2016

Daniel Gasteiger is a social media marketing consultant who nearly plants more stuff in his tiny vegetable plot than gardening books recommend for plots four times as large--and he preserves the bulk of his harvest, and helps you to do the same.

Tea Time in Texas (podcast)

June 10, 2016

If you never got enough of "dress up" -- or never got a chance -- and wished you'd been around during a time when tea meant a time of day as well as a warm, sweet, and milky're in luck.

The Mistress of Tea: Sophie Parrott

June 10, 2016

More than 15 years ago, Sophie Parrott moved to Hollywood from her home country of England to further her career in television. A move that would eventually bring her to Texas and tea.

The Perfect Cup of Tea & Tea Party

June 10, 2016

You don't have to have a "genuine" Brit brew a pot of tea for you, or hand make cakes and "sammies" in order to have an authentic tea party experience.

John and Kendall Antonelli

June 4, 2016

From their first date over fondue to running a cheese club out of their house, John and Kendall can easily be described as “cheesy romantics.” So it was no surprise when John announced on their honeymoon that he wanted to quit his CPA job and “do something in cheese.”

The Glory of Cheeses (podcast)

June 4, 2016

Artisan cheese is one of those amazing agricultural products that can be paired with everything from meats to sweets making all of it taste better.

Barbecue and Rosés (podcast)

May 26, 2016

As we march toward summer we'll see more and more backyard grillers mixing up batches of their super secret barbecue sauces, and lovingly apply them to their proteins of choice, making savory magic. And what's the best thing to drink with that BBQ. In this case it is wine. Rosé wine. Don't be scared.