Serving up tasty radio every week.

Serving up tasty radio every week.

Field and Feast is a 5-minute radio show about developing greater intimacy and confidence with your food–from the ground up.

The show is produced and hosted by yours truly, Cecilia Nasti.

If you’d like to broadcast the show or advertise on the program or website, send me an e-mail, and let’s work together.

Anyone can have a “friends with benefits” relationship with their groceries. The benefits include better, fresher, more delicious individual and shared food experiences.

The show features home and professional gardeners and cooks demonstrating and discussing growing and preparing food for the table.

We occasionally get into the policies and politics of food, food traditions, food insecurity and a whole lot more. Field & Feast advocates organic, sustainable and local food and home cooking without being fanatical about it.

Busy lives and tight budgets sometimes mean we make different choices; we don’t pass judgement on your vittles around these parts.

Come back often and always remember to: Grow Something | Cook Something | Eat Something.

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