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Chiffonade of Basil

Photograph of chiffonade of basil courtesy of noahw

Chiffonade is a cooking technique whereby you stack leafy greens or herbs and cut them into thin ribbons. In French, the word means “rags” because that’s what the shreds look like when you’re done.

This technique is ideal for making attractive garnishes, as well as for adding healthful greens to soups and stews. It’s simple to chiffonade: just stack and roll several leaves of basil or spinach, or kale, for example, and then cut across the roll, slicing it into very thin strips.

This method works best with fresh leaves and a very sharp knife. If you are using a winter green such as kale, you may need to remove the tough center rib before stacking and rolling the leaves.

Add these ribbon-like strips to any dish for a burst of color, flavor, nutrition and simple elegance.

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