Global Gastronomy

Dec 30th, 2010 | By | Category: cooking tips, daily tips
Classical Mirepoix by Matthew Yglesias

Photo of Classical Mirepoix by Matthew Yglesias

Many global cuisines rely on a combination of three aromatic vegetables and herbs sautéed together to form the foundation of savory recipes, giving them their distinctive flavors.

In the Cajun tradition, bell peppers, onions and celery—called the holy trinity—do the heavy lifting.

In the French gustatory milieu, it’s called mirepoix, and includes onions, carrots and celery.

The Italians echo the French, but call it soffritto, although the classic combination of tomatoes, garlic and basil is much more characteristic of the cuisine, especially the farther south one travels.

Global gastronomy; it’s as easy as one, two, three.

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