Tuesday Tip: Grow a Home Vegetable Garden

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Tuesday Tip: Grow Your Own

Farm near Galena, Illinois; Photo © Cecilia Nasti

Farm near Galena, Illinois; Photo © Cecilia Nasti

Feel the thrill, the power, and the joy of making meals from the ground up when you grow your own food. It doesn’t require a farm sized plot, nor does it need to take a lot of your precious time.

Start with a pot of herbs if you’re not truly ready to make a bigger commitment. Of course, growing culinary herbs will lead you down the path to a full-blown vegetable gardening addiction.

It could be worse.

A wonderful method for beginners and advanced gardeners — that is adaptable to all locales and abilities — and nearly guarantees success is the Square Foot Gardening Method.

Compared to single row gardening, you get 100% of the Harvest with only:

  • 50 % of the Cost
  • 20% of the Space
  • 10% of the Water
  • 5% of the Seeds
  • 2% of the Work

If you eat (and you know who you are) you owe it to yourself to cultivate horticultural skills to enhance your culinary explorations.

After all, recipes are only as good as the ingredients used in them, and fresh, ripe, homegrown produce is the gold standard.

If you’re not growing your own, please support your local farmers. Keeping them in business is big step toward food security.

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