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Joe Diffie and crew from Joe's Organics

Compost Crew: Joe Diffie and crew from Joe’s Organics

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, we can set our sights on the other holidays down the road—most of which include a food component. And where there’s food—you’ll find food waste. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can compost that unwanted food waste, and create rich, nutrient dense humus for your landscape and garden. At least that’s what Joe Diffie says.

Joe Diffie is the owner operator of Joe’s Organics. His company calls itself “Austin’s food recyclers.” He collects food waste from various green businesses around Austin, hauls it to his farm, and composts it down for a couple of months.

“And then the compost produced from Austin’s food waste is the main fertilizer we use  on our farm to grow produce for Austin chefs and farmers’ markets,” he said.

In nature—compost happens. Leaves and other vegetation die off and over time an army of insects, animals and microbes get to work breaking it down until after several months it becomes a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer used by nearby plant life.

We can mimic the process at home, but it takes practice and patience.

If you’re not ready to start composting at home, but like the idea recycling your food scraps into new food, drop off items at the Texas Farmers Market community composting sites at the Lakeline and Mueller locations. Which, by the way, support our series.

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