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Community Composting

Community Composting at Texas Farmers Market at Mueller Lake Park

Most vegetable gardeners I know nurture piles of food scraps, leaves and grass clippings to maturity. Then they feed their plants with the end result: nutrient-rich compost.

But composting isn’t limited to people with gardens or even backyards.

Cities throughout the country are starting community composting programs. These programs vary from city to city, but the ultimate goal is the same: divert organic waste from the landfill toward a goal of creating zero waste.

Some programs involve curbside pickup of materials including food scraps, leaves, grass clippings and small tree branches.

Items are hauled away to a location where they’re broken down to create an organic, nutrient rich humus.

In some instances, the finished product is used on city properties, or sold back to the community.

One of the newest community composting programs launches Earth Day Weekend, Sunday April 23, at Texas Farmers Market’s Mueller Lake Park in Austin. The Market currently employs various strategies¬† to achieve its goal of being a zero waste market.

Now they are taking the next step: helping their visitors move toward a zero waste lifestyle.

In partnership with Joe’s Organics Texas Farmers Market encourages visitors to bring compostable items to the free drop off point at the market every Sunday during Market houses, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The folks at Joe’s Organics will haul the materials to a nearby farm, where it will be turned into compost, and used to fertilize crops–some of which are sold at the market!

It’s a way to turn food into food again.

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