Grow and then Drink the Harvest (podcast)

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Drink the Harvest

Drink the Harvest

Gardens and farmers markets are beginning to overflow with a wide variety of colorful fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Most of us dream about the meals we’ll make with these items, but not DeNeice Guest. She dreams about drinks she’ll make from them.

This is getting interesting, right?

DeNeice is co-author—with Nan Chase—of the book Drink the Harvest.

DeNeice says every season offers delicious possibilities for new, creative concoctions: herbs in early spring like mint, lavender and parsley, to late spring delights, including tomatoes, peppers and garlic (yes, garlic). Let’s not forget summer with its melons and peaches, or late summer and fall with wild grapes and prickly pear cactus fruits (for those of us with such things).

DeNeice says the book was borne of a passion for preserving—not just the harvest—but self sufficiency and women’s wisdom.

“We did write the book because of a passion for self-sufficiency, and for removing the industrial fingerprints from our food.” She adds that the “women’s wisdom” seems to have been “broken with the industrial revolution.”

She says they are trying to reawaken this wisdom and these skills.

In it’s simplest interpretation, DeNeice Guest’s book, Drink the Harvest, is about making homemade juices from seasonal, ripe produce, and getting creative with the results. This includes making wine, mead, and even bitters.

“And don’t worry if the juices or your first experiments don’t work at first,” she told me. “Put on your thinking cap, and find a new way to use it. My first potato wine, which I made with potatoes and grapefruit, was terrible as wine, but was fantastic as bitters!”

There’s a world of wonder waiting for you in the garden, and with Drink the Harvest,  you’re sure to discover it.

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