Eating Pancakes for a Cause (podcast)

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Berry Buck-Wild Cheesecake Pancake

Berry Buck-Wild Cheesecake Pancake. Photo credit: Sarah Jacober.

What does International Pancake Day—which is Tuesday, February 28—have to do with school vegetable gardens?

Well if you’re Snooze an A.M. Eatery on South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas, the answer is everything!

On that most auspicious day, Snooze an A.M. Eatery South Lamar will donate 100% of the proceeds from its special Pancake Day menu to support the nonprofit Becker Elementary School Garden. Snooze’s north location will funnel its Pancake Day proceeds into the Sustainable Food Center.

Snooze has restaurants in Texas, California, Arizona and Colorado. Each location submitted special pancake recipes in a friendly company-wide competition for International Pancake Day, and Snooze South Lamar’s submission was among the winners.

South Lamar’s head chef, Devin Fowler, said a team effort conjured the so-delicious-it-should-be-illegal entry: Berry Buck-Wild Cheesecake Pancake. Made with buckwheat flour, even gluten insensitive folks can enjoy this delectable foodstuff.

Seven special pancakes will be offered to diners from a “sushi-style” menu on International Pancake Day, which Assistant General Manager, Mitch Donahue, says allows people to intentionally choose to support the Becker Elementary garden. The donations keep the kiddos in soil and seeds, and teaches them important lessons about where food comes from and the importance of keeping the planet healthy.

Mitch and kids

Snooze Assistant GM, Mitch Donahue, helping the kids at Becker Elementary with their garden.

When was the last time you ate pancakes for a good cause?

Eat pancakes with abandon on Tuesday February 28 on International Pancake Day at Snooze AM Eatery at their South and North Lamar locations.

Mitch Donahue also mentioned if there is an overwhelming response to this event, and diners end up waiting in line–and the eatery closes at 32:30 p.m.–if you are in line by 2:30 and get on their list–you will be served! Mitch says he and his staff will do what it takes to raise money for the kids, even working well past closing.

King Cake Pancake at Snooze.

King Cake Pancake at Snooze.

Oh, and one ore thing, since February 28 is also Fat Tuesday and the beginning of Mardi Gas, Mitch Donahue told me they have additional fun planned on that day: Snooze will also be dishing out King Cake pancakes. Lucky guests at each location that find the baby (aka “the jack”) will win a $25 gift card to Snooze.


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