Growing Living Walls (podcast)

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Grow a Living Wall

Grow a Living Wall, by Shawna Coronado

If Shawna Coronado tells someone to grow up, she’s not passing judgment on their maturity. She is, however, encouraging gardeners to grow their food and flowers vertically as a living wall. And she outlines her mad genius in the book: Grow a Living Wall, Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose, from Cool Spring Press.

Why vertically? For one thing, it offers productivity on a par with the square foot garden method, using even less space. And with many folks these days moving into condos and apartments–let’s face it– space is limited.

Shawna, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, turned her suburban yard into an oasis of both horizontal and vertical gardens, and says the vertical gardens are in effect weed free, and have fewer pest problems than traditional ground level beds. They’re also ideal for people with mobility issues, as there’s virtually no stooping or bending involved in tending the plants.

She grows all her gardens with a purpose in mind that goes beyond aesthetics and home grown food and flowers for personal use. She regularly donates hundreds of pounds of food to her local food bank. But it doesn’t stop there. Shawna Coronado, gardener and author of Grow a Living Wall, Creative Vertical Gardens with Purpose, outlines her plan to help our beleaguered pollinators.

“One of the problems we have in cities across the US is that we have a dead area–it’s that hot cement island that is the city. We have concerns about pollinators, bees and butterflies; the monarch has been a huge discussion this season. How do we keep them in our communities and going throughout communities? Well, the best way to do that is to plant a series of gardens for pollinators throughout the concrete jungle. Create a pollinator corridor!”

What better way to have more successful gardens than by creating gardens to help the insects that help you?

The book is Grow a Living Wall, Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose, written by Shawna Coronado and published by Cool Spring Press.

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