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Music in the Kitchen: Favorite Recipes from Austin City Limits Performers, published by UT Press

Music in the Kitchen: Favorite Recipes from Austin City Limits Performers

Think you have to make reservations at the newest, hippest restaurant in town to eat like a rock star?

All you really have to do is is turn to page 45 in Music in the Kitchen: Favorite Recipes from Austin City Limits Performers, and find Double Trouble’s recipe for Bev’s Lazy Tommy-tillo Stew and Burrito Filling.

Of course, with 130 recipes, you can also eat like a jazz star, country star, alternative punk rock star…you get the picture.

Glenda Facemire, longtime make-up artist for Austin City Limits–an award-winning national music series on PBS–had the idea for the book more than 10 years before it became reality.

That’s because food is a topic that comes up frequently when artists spend time in her make-up chair.

She told me she needed “a sign or an omen” to move forward with the idea; and that omen came in the form of singer-songwriter Jason Mraz.

“After every show our producer, Terry Likona, interviews the artists about their music. So he was talking to Jason Mraz after his taping when out of nowhere he starts telling Terry about his mom’s meatloaf and how good it is and how he misses it!”

Glenda said that was all the omen she needed. If food is that “top of mind” and emotional for performers, then maybe–just maybe–some of them might be home cooks and might also be willing to share their favorite recipes with her.

She was right.

Glenda approached the Austin City Limits producers and administrators and asked what they thought, and she said they loved the idea. However, because they were just getting the brand new Austin City Limits Music Festival off the ground (now in its 15th year), they could not offer assistance, only encouragement.

They did help by identifying the artists’ publicists and managers–the gatekeepers Glenda would have to get through to obtain the recipes.

Without quite knowing how the book would take shape, Glenda made phone calls and before long had a handful of recipes.

Next, she approached UT Press with the idea for the book, and she says it didn’t take long for them to come on board. Over the course of several years, UT Press provided her with coaching and guidance to see the book to fruition in 2009.

Glenda also credits the hard work of a bevy of interns for helping turn the dream into reality.

Oh, and Glenda says the one ingredient that makes every recipe better is music. Go get you some.


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  1. I loved the show with the Robert Plant and his band of Joy. Would love and use the cookbook. 🙂

  2. I would love to see Modest Mouse on ACL. A great band from one of my favorite cities, Seattle.

  3. I love the Stevie Ray Vaughn ACL episode. Its sort of sums up all that makes Austin so wonderful.

  4. The fantastic Hanne Hukkelberg, of course! I believe she’s played at ACL, but not this year. Perhaps the next one?

  5. Used to attend most the the ACL tapings. Roy Orbison was one I was happy to see. Wonder what his favorite dish would be?

  6. I would love to see The Hold Steady play ACL!

  7. I loved the show with Eddie Vedder and members of Austin’s own Strings Attached.

  8. I was smitten with his 7:30 am SXSW performance for KGSR at the Four Seasons, and he did not disappoint when I saw him again at the ACL FESTIVAL the following year! PAOLO NUTINI – easy on the eyes and smooth on the ears!

  9. I guess my favorite were Pure Prairie League in 1979. We got tickets for the taping, and were seated on the stage – they had bleachers on the stage then, as in the beginning there were so few people going to the live shows, they moved people around to make it seem like a bigger audience. Free Lone Star beer was served by the keg. Saw several of the early shows, and later ones, but this was a highlight. They are no longer together, but would like to see a reunion show.

  10. Last night on I saw the Band of Horses…their harmony reminded me of CSN&Y at times. Loved ’em! Also enjoyed the Nationals, who performed before them. I like the new format (interviews) with the performers after they play ;~}dp

  11. want. we have given this book as a gift several times over and have never purchased it for ourselves!
    I was very fortunate to see Stevie Ray Vaughan at the ACL studio. ’nuff said.

  12. I have seen a copy of this cookbook at a friends house. It is beautiful! I received a couple of tickets to see Nickelback, via from an appearance on Tom Spencer’s Central Texas Gardener. I was in the garden! And it was beautiful….

  13. That would be Nickle Creek…hahaha,,,it’s been a long day…hahaaa

  14. I’m not a Nickelback fan,,,really, unless it’s late at night.. and no one’s looking…

  15. You are funny, Steve.

    BTW everyone–although Steve commented three times, it will only count as one entry. 🙂

  16. David Bromberg is probably my all-time favorite, closely followed by Leo Kottke’s appearance the night he was joined by Lyle Lovett. A former neighbor of mine worked at ACL and I’m incredibly grateful to her for ALL of the incredible music she gave me access to.

    Would treasure the cookbook.

  17. So looking forward to this years’ ACL Stevie Wonder Show! I have always believed that music and food go hand-n-hand ~ this book sounds amazing!

  18. I would love to see Head and the Heart play on ACL. The shows I have seen were Robert Plant, The Decemberists and Mumford and Sons – all good.
    The cookbook would provide even more fun home experience with the record player blaring while the kitchen is cooking

  19. This was such a fantastic idea, Glenda & I truly love Jason Mraz! So happy it was him that gave you your omen! Looking forward to checking out the book! Cecilia, great show, as usual!

  20. Is there a Leonard Cohen recipe in there? I got to go to his ACL filming a few years ago (and today is his birthday) Mmmmmm!!