Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors (podcast)

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Tomato seedlings in a recycled paper coffee cup, Photo by Renee Studebaker

Tomatoes from seeds started in a recycled paper coffee cup, Photo by Renee Studebaker

You can count how many seeds are in the apple, but not how many apples are in the seed. ~Ken Kesey

Seeds are crazy cool.

They remain dormant until conditions are right to support their growth. Once they receive the necessary moisture, warmth and sunshine, the life force stirs within them and they begin their journey into the world.

Back in high school I read something about how we’re awestruck each time we see a rocket lifting off into space (or at least we were back when a rocket lifting off the launch pad was new). The piece spoke of how everyone applauds the behemoth that’s constructed of hundreds of tons of gleaming metal and man made components as it slowly lifts from the launch pad with a ferocious roar, belching fire and smoke.

Once it’s broken free of the earth’s gravitational force and disappears from view and speeds through the upper atmosphere into space, we congratulate ourselves for the miracle humans have wrought.

Yet, when a tiny seed awakens alone and struggles fearlessly through the crushing weight of soil that covers it to finally break through the surface — nobody takes notice.

Having a tender heart, I felt bad for seeds, and so I vowed to recognize their little victories from that point on.

You can witness such triumphs when you start plants from seed indoors.  I live in Central Texas where we start our seeds beginning in mid-January because we can begin planting some of our spring crops as early as late February (with protection, of course).

If you live elsewhere in the US, check with your local Cooperative Extension Service for the best time to put plants in the ground.

Starting seeds indoors is nearly the same anywhere in the world, and this week’s show with garden and food writer Renee Studebaker (who is a crazy cool seed starter from way back) will help you to get growing for spring.

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