Sugar Art is the Sweetest Art of All (podcast)

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Sugar art at it's cakiest.

Sugar art cakes almost too pretty to eat, by Sara Weber of Sara’s Sweets. Photo: Sara Weber.

If you’ve decorated cakes or cookies to be visually appealing, then you’ve participated in sugar art.

Sara Weber dabbled in this art form before it became her avocation. She currently owns a home business called Sara’s Sweets; she teaches classes, participates in and judges competitions (not at the same time), teaches workshops and takes a handful of custom orders throughout the year.

She does this while maintaining a psychotherapy practice.

Who Can do Sugar Art? You Can!

Sugar art is as simple as putting a buttercream frosting on a cake to creating something sculptural and gravity-defying. With training, practice and patience, Sara says that anyone can create beautifully decorated baked goods that make people “ooh and aah.”.

That Takes the Cake

That Takes the Cake, Sugar Art and Cake Competition. That Takes the Cake/Facebook

If you’re a fan of this sweet art (and if you’ve read this far, my guess is “yes”), and want some training, the weekend of February 24 & 25 was made for you.

That’s when Sara and other baker/artists will be at the Round Rock Sports Complex for the That Takes the Cake, Sugar Art and Cake Competition.

The event is open to the public.

During the weekend, explore the vendors, classes and workshops–including classes and workshops for the kiddos, to get them excited about baking and sugar arts.

As if kids needed anther reason to love sugar. Am I right?

Per the event’s name states–there’s also a competition that anyone can enter in various categories from beginners to professional. Home bakers are encouraged to enter.

There are various categories for adults, juniors and kids. All entries must be pre-registered by February 18th. Find details at

Meanwhile, Sara Weber will teach one of the many classes offered over the weekend. During the hands-on class, Sara will guide participants through the process of creating a hand-painted woodland cake . She says the class will work with gum paste and edible paints (and dummies instead of baked goods)  to create the cake pictured below.

Woodland Cake

Woodland Cake, Sara’s Sweets. Image: Sara Weber.

The That Takes the Cake, Sugar Art and Cake Competition is February 24 & 25 at the Round Rock Sports Complex.

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