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Food is delicious medicine in The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook.

Hippocrates said to make food our medicine. That statement is especially true for individuals living with diabetes; what–and how much–they eat can help them to manage their disease and even, for some, keep the need for medication to a minimum.

Few know this as well as Angela Shelf Medearis, affectionately known as The Kitchen Diva. Her latest cookbook is inspired by necessity: The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook, 150 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Diabetics and Those Who Dine with Them.

Angela cooks for and dines with a diabetic–her husband, Michael Medearis. She also has other close family members who have diabetes. When Michael was first diagnosed with the disease more than 15 years ago, Angela read the diabetic cookbooks of the day for inspiration.

What she found time and again were books that were unimaginative, written by doctors, and featuring recipes developed by dieticians. While the recipes adhered to nutritional guidelines for diabetics, they fell flat when it came to variety, flavor and overall appeal.

“I looked through those books and got depressed,” she told me on the day I visited her at her Southwest Austin home. “Nobody should have to eat food that doesn’t excite them, and there wasn’t anything to write home about in those books.”

So The Diva took to her home kitchen and set her sights on creating recipes her husband and family members could safely eat, and that she and other non-diabetics in her family could enjoy right along with them.

“I want this book to help keep families from having to cook one meal for the diabetic  member and another for everyone else. That’s time consuming and costly,” said Medearis, who doesn’t waste a thing.

The book covers everything from entrees to sides to snacks and desserts, and is beautifully photographed by award-winning food photographer, Penny de los Santos. “I told my editor that I wanted this book to be a fun, sassy, sexy, beautiful and delicious book. I want people to want to lick the pages of the cookbook because the food photography is so good.”

The books is a fun and flavorsome foray into cooking that anyone can enjoy. Licking the pages is optional.


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  1. Buttermilk Pineapple Pops
    What you will need:
    2 cups buttermilk
    20 oz can crushed pineapple (including the juice)
    2/3 cup sugar

    What to do:
    Mix ingredients by hand in a pitcher (this makes it easier to pour into cups).
    Pour mixture into 16 3oz plastic cups with popsicle sticks, dividing equally.
    Freeze 4 hours.

  2. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Jessica. Sounds like a cool and tasty treat for a hot Texas day.

  3. My favorite comfort meal is an old Czech cookbook recipe for Chicken and Dumplings. It features a hefty dose of half and half, and a large handful of whole peppercorns. the dumplings are made with old fashioned crisco, baking powder, flour, salt, and a little milk. I always make a double batch of dumplings, as those are eveyone’s favorite, and the larger the pot, the more days I can continue to feast on the leftovers. in recent times, I’ve added carrots and peas to the final pot to make it healthier than it was originally intended.

  4. Terry, Chicken and Dumplings is a favorite of mine…and always better the next day…and the next (if it lasts that long).

  5. Did we win? 🙂