A Baked Good that’s Great: Buttermilk Pie (podcast)

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Sharon Yingling serving her Buttermilk Pie

Sharon Yingling serving her Buttermilk Pie

Long ago, pie crust was merely a vehicle for delivering what was found inside–be it sweet or savory. The pastry might have been an inch or more thick, and entirely inedible, at least by the noble folk, while the contents were often luxuriant and exotic.

Fortunately, today’s pies have light flaky crusts that are as good–and sometimes even better–than the fillings they support.

I didn’t want February, which is National Pie Month, to pass without honoring that old-fashioned, family favorite, feel-good foodstuff — pie.

Sharing her buttermilk pie recipe with Field & Feast today is Sharon Yingling

Before retiring in 2017, Sharon was my hair stylist, and when I was in her chair we would talk about food and cooking, and share recipes. During one appointment Sharon told me about her signature buttermilk pie. She told me she makes it often, and it’s always a big hit with whoever has the good fortune of being in the same room with it. She went so far as to tell me it is always the first dessert to disappear on the sweets table at potlucks and holidays.

It’s not bragging if it’s true. So I asked her to make the pie for me.

This deceptively simple buttermilk pie recipe is quite tasty, and uses a “secret” ingredient that I never would have suspected. Sharon likes this pie REALLY sweet.  If I were making it for myself, I would back off on the sugar just a bit. Although, the sweetness did not stop me from having a piece of pie at her home where she made two of them (one with her vodka crust and another with a ready-made crust), and then bringing home four more pieces for later.

What can I say? It’s pie!

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  1. Sharon does make some of the best pies I’ve ever had! Really love her buttermilk pie!

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