Ten Tips for Food Garden Success

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Artichoke plant, photo by Cecilia Nasti

Artichoke plant in a food garden, photo by Cecilia Nasti

Garden writer, Mary Irish, is a lifelong food gardener, who started growing vegetable crops when she was growing upĀ  in Central Texas. She’s since cultivated garden plots in a variety of places. But no matter where you food garden, she says the following tips will move you closer to success:

  1. Mulch everything extravagantly around your food garden, year round.
  2. Select varieties that do well in your area – which usually means checking with local sources.
  3. Try at least one new variety each year, just in case.
  4. Build berms around fruit trees for efficient and water thrifty watering.
  5. Cut back summer growing herbs, like basil, regularly to keep them growing.
  6. Add generous amount of compost or other organic matter each time you replant.
  7. Interplant vegetables with bee attracting annuals like zinnia to increase pollination.
  8. If insect predation becomes extreme, try planting the crop in a different season.
  9. In a small garden, grow edibles in containers.
  10. Plant what you love to eat.
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