Tim Miller’s Central Texas Planting Guide

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Tim Miller, Millberg Farms, Image courtesy Hays Free Press

Tim Miller, Millberg Farms, Image courtesy Hays Free Press

I met Tim Miller of Millberg Farm in the late 1980s when I was a gardener at Austin Community Gardens, now Sunshine Community Gardens, and he managed the site. He had some wild ideas (or so I thought at the time) about gardening — especially when it came to the weather. He was like a “weather whisperer” the way he could almost pinpoint the the day and nearly the hour it would rain in our often parched part of the world. And he would use his knowledge to guide his planting. He used a lot less city water than the rest of us, because he worked directly with Nature.

Below find Tim’s planting guide, and note that the dates with asterisks indicate when he plans to plant crops at his farm in Kyle, Texas. Those are the days when he says it will rain.

Tim Miller’s 2017 Central Texas Planting Dates

Spring 2017 Central Texas Planting Dates
Tim Miller – Millberg Farm

1 Leaf crops lettuce, chard, kale, spinach, cucumbers
5 Transplants
13, 14, 15 Transplant tomatoes*
16, 17 Sunflowers
19, 20 Snow, snap sugar peas*
23, 24 Root crops, transplant tomatoes for dry hot summer*

4, 5, 6 Leaf crops beans, cucumbers, okra, melons into ground or flats, plant fruit trees
14, 15, 16 Black eye peas
19, 20, 21 Root crops and transplant tomatoes for dry hot summer*
23, 24, 25 Transplant tomatoes

2, 3 Leaf crops beans, squash, cucumbers, melons
10 Sunflower
12 Transplants into ground
16, 17, 18 Root crops radishes* turnips, carrots, beets

8, 9 Leaf crops melons, squashes, and transplants into ground
16, 17 Okra into ground or flats
25, 26 Okra, melons, cucumbers, beans, and transplants

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