Cookie Genius Anna Ginsberg

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Anna Ginsberg

Anna Ginsberg

Anna Ginsberg, the baker and brains behind the popular food blog Cookie Madness, calls herself a stay-at-home mom.

That’s technically accurate as she doesn’t travel to a job outside of the home she shares in Chicago, Illinois with her daughter, husband, cat and Welsh Pembroke Corgi [they moved there from Austin, Texas where we met and interviewed]. Yet, that moniker doesn’t come close to describing what this attractive, friendly, funny, talented, woman achieves in a day.

“When I’m not taking care of household chores or writing on my blog, ” she tells me, “I’m in the kitchen baking or on the computer planning trips for my travel-loving family.”

What she is much too humble to tell you is that in the world of  cooking competitions she is a champion.  A grand champion, at that.  She is among only 44 individuals to have won the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

Anna Ginsberg is the 42nd grand champion.

She says she started cooking at an early age; the first time she flexed her kitchen muscles she made cookies using cake mix and M&Ms. “Looking back on it they were probably pretty horrible, but I thought they were the best thing ever and I was so proud.”

Bolstered by her cookie success, she soon tried her hand at making a cheese soufflé for her mother. Anna says her mother was very happy to come home after work to the soufflé, “which looked more like a frittata—no air in it.”

The genuine and positive feedback she received from her mother “who couldn’t cook at all and had no desire” helped move young Anna along as a cook. By the time she was a teenager Anna says she was cooking the family dinners.

Emma Ginsberg and cookies, Photo Jeff Stockton

Emma Ginsberg and cookies, Photo Jeff Stockton

Anna encourages her daughter Emma in the kitchen, although Emma is more interested in singing and acting.

Throughout her cooking life Anna says she has had adventures and misadventures—including entering and winning myriad recipe contests—and would not trade a one of them.

She doesn’t enter many recipe contests anymore, not only because she won “the big one,” but because technology has changed them too much. “It’s all done online and has become a popularity contest,” she tells me. “People submit recipes and then get all their friends to vote.” She says now she will only enter contests where food professionals do the judging.

The Daily Cookie: 365 Treats for the Sweetest Year of Your Life is one of Anna’s crowning achievements. This fun and instructive cookbook was published in November 2012, and will keep every “cookie monster” in your household happy.

In addition to the recipes, Anna infuses the book with fun facts, history and lore for 365 days of cookie making fun.

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