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DeNeice Guest, co-author of Drink the Harvest

DeNeice Guest, co-author of Drink the Harvest

DeNeice Guest has come to gardening by a circuitous route, starting professionally as a scientist and educator for NASA and as an expert in the field of remote sensing and satellite imaging. She worked in the remote sensing/GIS industry for more than 20 years and served as an executive in several high-tech firms. DeNeice currently teaches geology and environmental science at the American Public University System as a full time instructor.

During college in Texas — where she earned two degrees in geology — she attended a talk on wild plants and got hooked on the subject. As a volunteer, DeNeice spent years helping catalog plants in the Southwest. That work contributed to the book Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains and Northern Mexico Encyclopedia.

With her family grown and freer time, DeNeice turned her attention to making and brewing herbal-based tonics, beverages and medicines. For the last decade she has been striving to increase her knowledge of wild plants of the Southeast, both their identification and their beneficial uses.

Her culinary specialty is making garden wines and her basement is filled with interesting and delicious samples that feature such unlikely plants as pears, potatoes, and birch sap. She also makes and preserves a variety of different types of juice from her yard. She is a blue ribbon winner at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair for her homemade crabapple juice. She has developed over 400 beverage recipes to date.

DeNeice has a passion for sharing what she has learned and gives “garden to bottle” demonstrations to garden clubs and special interest groups. She is not an exceptionally organized gardener, more of a “let’s put it in the ground and see what happens”. Sometimes her gardens are gorgeous, sometimes…not so much. ;o)

After losing their home in Mississippi to Hurricane Katrina (but that is another story), DeNeice and her husband, Mark Guest, moved to Asheville, North Carolina. They have three grown children, three grandchildren, and two cats.

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