Pamela Nevarez-Fisher

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Pamela Nevarez-Fisher

Pamela Nevarez-Fisher

Chef, caterer, and health and exercise enthusiast are words that describe Pamela Nevarez-Fisher.

Other words that describe Pamela include: funny, light-hearted, warm, creative, energetic and generous. She’s the whole package.

Pamela has over 25 years of culinary experience in Austin and New York City.

After working for years in restaurants and with catering companies, she spent 12  years as a trusted personal chef in a private household.

And looking at that photo on the left, she may have moonlighted as a bouncer–check out her “guns”!

Seeing the increasing need for health specific diets in the Austin community, Pamela started EatStreet Personal Chef Service to provide healthy, fresh meals for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

These healthy and fresh meals also happen to be delicious and satisfying, otherwise, what’s the point.

EatStreet also helps families maximize their budget by providing the most nutritional benefit for their food dollar. Extensive research on nutrition based cooking has allowed her to become quite versatile in many cooking styles.

As Pamela is wont to say: Don’t Just Dream of a Healthy Lifestyle…. LIVE IT!

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