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Luanne Stovall and Toni Tipton-Martin

Luanne Stovall, founder of Peace Through Pie and Toni Tipton-Martin, author of “The Jemima Code”


…One Piece at a Time

This world could do with more pie and more peace; Luanne Stovall, founder of Peace through Pie, thinks we can have both. She promotes using pies to help start Courageous Conversations that will ultimately lead us to a new way of engaging one another and living peacefully in this world together.

 10 Tips for Becoming Pie-o-neers For Peace

  1. Step up to the plate and host your Peace Through Pie Social.
  2. Imagine a Welcome Table, the Table of Brother & Sisterhood. There is a place for all and every voice is respected.
  3. Invite guests to your social (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the young, and the young-at-heart).
  4. Dream up a Recipe for Peace for the menu. A Peace Through Pie social can feature Courageous Conversations, highlight the creative arts, or simply be as easy as pie by sharing Peace Pie,pie stories, and conversation.
  5. Make or bake your favorite pie recipe. Sweet or savory, empanadas, samosas, pizza, or calzones — any pie can be a Peace Pie if served with that intention!
  6. Place Peace Pie at the center of the table. Keep all eyes on the prize! Our intentions pave the path for the new frontier of peace.
  7. Sign the Pie-o-neer Pledge. We can agree to set aside differences, respect our colorful diversity, share dreams and stories, and celebrate our common bonds.
  8. Focus on world as the pie. We are stewards of Planet Earth, responsible for tending its rich bounty of resources.
  9. Remember that every single piece counts! Everyone brings a unique set of ingredients to the table.
  10. Live the Dream: Pie365. Every day offers anew opportunity to practice sowing seeds of peace!
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