Hangover Helpers After Tenacious Tippling

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Sheilds T. Hood demonstrating what a hangover might look like

Sheilds T. Hood demonstrating what a hangover might look like.

If you tipple, then chances are you’ve reached the “tippling point” a time or two and have toppled headlong into a hangover. Getting there may have been fun, but getting over it isn’t.

While we do not condone overindulging when it comes to beer, wine and spirits, we know it happens.

When it does:

  • NEVER get behind the wheel of a car. You know why.
  • ALWAYS Hydrate. Alcohol acts a a diuretic–especially those alcoholic beverages loaded with caffeine. Severe dehydration causes many of the headaches overindulgent drinkers experience the morning after. Before going to bed for the night (or morning) drink as much water as you can handle, or even a sports drink containing electrolytes. This will help to rehydrate and flush toxins.
  • You can even freeze the sports drink in Popsicle molds and suck on those if your stomach feels a little squiggly after a night of imbibing.
  • Alcohol can really make your digestive track feel wonky, and when that happens, reach for a banana. Bananas are bland, but also rich in potassium and B vitamins, which go a long way to settle tipple trodden tummies.
  • Your body may feel achy after a late night of overindulgence. Dehydration and lack of sleep have a way of doing that.  Eating something rich in protein can help offset the condition. In Texas, we often turn to the pungent Mexican soup known as Menudo.
  • Or, you might also want to try Raul Malo’s Hangover Breakfast Sandwich.

Remember to always drink responsibly!

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