Sara’s Sweet Tips for Baking Perfect Cut-Out Cookies

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Cookies by Sara's Sweets. Image: Sara Weber

Baking perfect cookies for gorgeous decorations . Image: Sara Weber

Baking Tips for Perfect Cut-Out Cookies

Decorating cookies doesn’t have to be intimidating–especially when you start with a great cookie. Sara Weber of Sara’s Sweets offers the following tips for a perfect cookie canvas.

  • Roll your freshly made dough (it will be very soft) between two sheets of parchment. Make sure that you flip the “slab” often to make sure you aren’t getting wrinkles in your parchment as you roll it out. 1 batch of dough would make 2-3 “slabs”. Stack the slabs on a cookie sheet and plastic wrap the whole cookie sheet to keep it fresh while you chill it overnight.
  • Use light colored baking sheets with parchment paper when baking cookies. Dark colored, non-stick baking sheets get too hot and can brown the bottoms of your cookies before the tops are done baking.
  • Achieve crisp, square cookie edges by cutting out the shapes when the rolled out dough is cold, straight out of the fridge. It should feel hard to the touch and be slightly difficult to cut with your cutter. This is also why I prefer metal cutters over plastic but you can make plastic work. Also, freeze the cut-out dough shapes on the baking sheet about 5-10 mins before placing in oven.
  • When baking the cookies, start the timer at the lowest time setting and add time as needed. You will know the cookies are done when they go from a glossy look on top to a more matte look and you see the slightest bit of brown around the edges and/or you lightly touch the top and it is firm to the touch (doesn’t indent very much).
  • If the cookie does spread a little after baking, there’s a small time window where you can press the dough back into shape while it’s still hot using a spatula or knife.
  • If you can wait a day after baking to start decorating the cookie, it helps to avoid butter bleed (dark spots appearing on the icing). Once they are completely cooled out of the oven, you can stack them between sheets of parchment paper in a plastic, air tight container.
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