Timely Tips for Preventing Food Waste

Jan 12th, 2018 | By | Category: show tips

Allen Schroeder

Allen Schroeder, head of the Save the Food Coalition, completing a daily pickup from Wheatsville Co-op, a longtime supporter of food recovery.

Food Waste Tips, Courtesy of Wheatsville Food Co-op:

Make a weekly menu and buy only the ingredients you need.

Choose recipes that can be made quickly and freeze leftovers.

Learn to make a couple of recipes that are good for using up extra bits of produce and leftovers. Soups, pasta bakes, fried rice and frittatas are nutritious, easy to make – even on a busy weeknight.

Keep a bag in your freezer for small bits of leftover produce and use it to make veggie stock.

Learn how to compost. The City of Austin offers FREE composting classes and an easy way to earn up to $75 back on your home composting system. Once you learn the basics, consider growing your own small garden. Start with a container of herbs or salad greens and see how it goes.

If you have a business that regularly has leftover food, find an organization who will pick it up and redistribute it. Schools, churches, apartment buildings, and community centers often have established food banks that can be easily accessed.

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