Tips for Drinking the Harvest

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Nan and DeNeice offering a toast.

Nan Chase and DeNeice Guest, authors of Drink the Harvest, offering a toast.

Preserving surplus produce in jellies and jams is popular, but garden-fresh fruits and vegetables can also be used to make wonderful juices, wines, fermented drinks, and syrups.

With Drink the Harvest, by DeNeice Guest and Nan Chase,  anyone can turn a bountiful harvest into nutritious, flavorful beverages that are healthier and more economical than store-bought.

Tip 1: This book is for everyone, from the experienced home canner to any one who has a small kitchen and has never preserved a thing.

Drink the Harvest contains many recipes of varying complexity, which makes this book incredibly approachable. There is a recipe for every skill level. We hope the recipes in this book will inspire everyone to experiment and try new things.

Tip 2: Flip through the book and look at the beautiful photographs throughout. The beverage photos are the real deal: they are all products made front the recipes in the book. Be sure to look at the photos on the pages with the step by step instructions. These are beneficial for a visual of what the recipes look like at each step, more or less. (Pages 54-55, 58-59, 68-69,116-118, 122-123, 126-127, and 178-179).

Tip 3: The recipes are all sound, have been thoroughly tested, and are delicious. However, they are meant to be guidelines, forgiving of changes, and can be adapted or modified for any place, any climate, any garden. Once you understand the basic processes you can experiment with confidence.

Tip 4: Each recipe includes all instructions necessary from start to finish (canning instructions, etc.) There is no flipping back and forth between pages. If more instructions are needed, there are expanded directions for each step located throughout of the book.

Tip 5: Making homemade garden wine is a wonderful way of using leftovers, or bumper crops. Nothing ever goes to waste. I’ve been making homemade juice for years, and sometimes it gets a bit old in the pantry. When the color starts to change after a year or two, I don’t throw it out, I make it into wine, or syrup. Something new from something old.

Garden plan for drinking the harvest

Plant what will grow best in your garden. Make it easy on yourself. Look at what you are growing already, I’ll bet you can make juice, wine, tea or syrup with what is already there. Are there herbs? Combine rosemary with peach, or basil with lavender for delightful syrup combinations. Are there tomatoes and peppers in your garden? Make tomato juice, or better yet, combine with peppers and various other vegetables for a great Bloody Mary mix.

Even something as simple as pine needles can flavor a wine or syrup. Just about anything edible can be bottled into a juice, made into a wine or dried for tea, or used to flavor a syrup. Be bold, don’t limit yourself.

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