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Green Corn Volunteer Dig-In, photo courtesy Green Corn Project

Green Corn Volunteer Dig-In, photo courtesy Green Corn Project

Tips to volunteer for Green Corn Project:

1. Register as a volunteer to assist with a Dig-In, or Seeds to Starts;
2. Come dressed for outside work, to include weed pulling, shoveling, digging and planting;
3. Bring some garden gloves;
4. Bring some friends;
5. Attend a Garden Maintenance Workshop;
6. If you enjoy the work and want to help further, register to attend Dig-In Leader Training and learn to take out a team for installations;
7. Spread the word about the good work we do!

Tips on Supporting Local Agricultural:

1. Start a garden in your own yard:
2. Visit a Farmer’s Market Near you:
3. Shake the hand of a local farmer and ask about the produce or proteins you are purchasing;
4. Embrace a seasonal diet to get the most nutrition and flavor from your food;
5. Visit a local farm, walk the grounds, meet the farmers

Tips on Starting a Garden:

1. Identify a spot in your yard that gets at least 6-8 hours a day.
2. Mark it off, aerate it, weed it, then double dig it.;
3. Amend it with organic compost;
4. Consult a planting guide for your area;
5. Visit a reputable nursery for organic seeds and transplants. The big box stores are less likely to sell only plants and seeds that are in season.
6. Plant it and keep it watered! Be prepared to protect non cold tolerant plants by covering when it freezes.
7. Harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

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