Ingredients in Great Salsa Play Well Together

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Hot stuff: Habaneros

Hot stuff: Habaneros

Former Austin Chronicle food editor, Virginia Wood, understands how to make ingredients play well together.

“You have to think of each ingredient as an instrument in the band,” she laughed.

We were talking about how to make the condiment known as salsa. A favorite nosh here in Texas, especially when paired with thin,  lightly salted corn tortilla chips and a sweet tea or Margarita — there’s little better.

Try Virginia’s recipe for Avocado Verde Sauce.

I asked Virginia to provide tips on making a delicious and well-balanced salsa, and she graciously obliged.

  • Choose good quality ingredients whether they are fresh or canned
  • Develop layers of flavor by roasting, sautéing, or smoking different ingredients of your dish
  • Moderate heat of peppers by removing seeds and veins from inside peppers before use
  • Taste often and adjust seasonings
  • Remember to taste again and adjust seasonings after salsa has sat in refrigerator over night and flavors have had a chance to meld
  • Salsas that burn the mouth (and the judge’s taste buds) at first bite are not going to win
  • Handle fresh peppers with rubber gloves (safety first)


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