Tips for Sustainable Living From Dr. Deb

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Silo Dr. Deb converted into her home.

Silo Dr. Deb converted into her  home.

Dr. Deb Tolman lives  a sustainable life. She lives lightly, and interactively, on her six acre homestead/learning lab in Clifton, Texas in beautiful Bosque County.

From growing food to collecting rainwater to building her own furniture and even home, she does it all. And she teaches others to do it, too.

While she says there are virtually millions of tips for living a more sustainable life, she offered her top eight.

  1. Observe your native surroundings, you can often figure out where for example fire ants build and where they don’t
  2. Collect rainwater no matter how small the amount and let it out on the ground later so it can slowly infiltrate the soil
  3. When considering a material (concrete, asphalt), ask how it will allow water to flow ….concrete speeds up the movement of water which forces it to take soil with it – a recipe for erosion – but pavers with gravel in between allows water to infiltrate
  4. Trip Chain – make your vehicle trips more efficient and if you don’t have to drive the distance, walk, bike, bus, or carpool it
  5. Take every opportunity to know your community and participate in it
  6. Recycle
  7. Grow some food
  8. And if you plan to garden, build with a keyhole garden because you can recycle, compost and grow all at the same time.

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